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Complete guide from freelancers, freelancing websites and much more

The word FREELANCER is becoming stronger and stronger day by day. It is expected that the freelancing market is supposed to grow by 40 % in India. Freelancing projects for content writers, data entry operators, website designers/developers, programmers and graphic artists is increasing as the we are progressing in 2016.

So those who are are very keen and desperate(as me) to earn money ,more money can surely visit the below mentioned websites and start making money. But, before letting you directly go to these sites and dream of making hell lot of money from the day 1 itself, i would like to take you through some of the very important things you need to strongly believe and consider if you are trying to enter into the volatile and competitive market of freelancing.

So these are the few points,

Things to be expected..

  1. Expect some rejections and challenges to your motive
  2. Your personnel life will turn 360 degrees in terms of time and relation management
  3. Rejection to your work
  4. Challenges to the quality of your  work
  5. Expect competition in terms of work quality as as well as the PRICE


Freelancers from Pakistan and china bags more projects than rest of the world as they deliver the projects at the lowest prices.

What not be expected:

  1. Do not expect the sudden increase in your income
  2. Do not expect the first order just after you registered on the freelancing website

What are the points to be taken care of(technically):

  1. Its all about your talent. The more talent you have, the more projects you will get.
  2. Never miss the first opportunity, let it be for FREE, yes you heard it right, as it will showcase you and your talent to the other clients.
  3.  Always keep an eagle eye on the market about the quality, new technologies and prices for the projects, as you can quote accordingly in the bidding.
  4. Be accurate and firm while bidding for the projects.
  5. My suggestion would be bid as per your need. as i have mentioned previously in this post, let it be for FREE if its your first project. So always try to be in a safe position.
  6. I will not suggest to go with very theoretical approach of market conditions and all, though its a very important factor in freelancing. But at the end of the day what do you need is to EARN MONEY( with quality work). So always take a decision accordingly.

What are the points to be taken care of(Financially):

  1. First of all you need to learn to negotiate. there should be a proper assumption in your mind about the client’s max bid and your final offer so that to bag the project.
  2. Need to deal with clients in payments terms
  3. Maintain a separate account for the payments so as to keep a track of your income.
  4. Take help of CA to maintain the account. I wish you all will be earning that big income to be manged by CA. and believe me, its possible.

I know you want to go these websites and try your hands on the money making deals, but just wait for some time and read these last few points before jump off and start  flying in the sky of unlimited opportunities .

  1. It is the hardest task to get your first job
  2. Know the market completely before starting
  3. Do not ever limit yourself as it the sky of opportunities.
  4. Do not ever restrict yourself to the local market.
  5. Communication is the major success key in freelancing.
  6. always be ready as a SOLDIER on DUTY with the sample work. It should be provided instantly when the client demands.
  7. Promote your self.
  8. Highlight your SKILLS, PROJECTS, and SAMPLE WORK to the other clients
  9. always keep your freelancing showcase updated.
  10. Always maintain a cover letter as we do on and other sites

I know you cannot wait to check out the below sites. So here i stop, but do let me know about the websites as well as this post in the comments so as to help other readers.

Here is the list of top webites for freelancers,
















16)  (Great for people in journalism)

Programmers, web designers and logo/banner creators can also look into these dedicated websites:










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