The Blog Time How To ? Facebook page tool for digital promotion

Facebook page tool for digital promotion

Facebook page insight. When it comes to digital marketing OR social media promotions, lot of people create a FACEBOOK PAGE and start sending requests to their friends to like their Facebook page. But is that sufficient to promote your business on Facebook? Okay one might say i would go for paid likes option which Facebook provides. That is always an option available, but wait before going to get the paid like, have you ever thought of “what Facebook is offering for FREE and how much of that have you utilized?” If the answer is no then i would suggest to first try to make full utilization of these free BI reports provided by Facebook.

So let me take through some of the features provided by face book and how you could utilize them to promote your business on Facebook o their page admins.


  • Total page likes
  • Detailed analysis about which day dragged how many likes to your page
  • Net Like

: Net likes shows the number of new likes minus the number of unlikes.

How to utilize?

From the detailed analysis,you will be able to easily find out which day of week or a month is dragging more likes to your business page. You can publish your posts on those days to get more attention of the users.

Also you would be able to find out the percentage of people disliking your page and probably you can work on the reasons behind these.


  • Post reach
  • Total likes, comments and shares
  • Hide, Report as Spam, and Unlikes
                 These actions will decrease the number of people you reach.
  • Total Reach
                The number of people who were served any activity from your Page including your posts, posts to your Page                  by other people, Page like ads, mentions and checkins.

How to utilize?

Post reach will give you a proper and perfect number about how many people have your post reached to? Out of those people how many of them have liked, shared, or commented on your post. In short how many of them were actually engaged.

Use this feature and get the analysis about, Is your page reaching the valid amount of people
? and if not then you need to take some correcting measures to overcome this problem.


Posts has 3 major features in it which are very much helpful in targeting the right posts at right time.

This is one of the best feature provided by Fb insight with functionalities like


  1. When your fans are online?
  2. Post Types
  3. Top posts from the pages you watch

1) when your FANS are online

  • Number of fans available at what timings
  • Considering the you can plan to publish your blog post
  • If you publish a blog post when the FANS are active then there are higher chances of getting views for that blog post
  • Also it shows the number if FANS were online on which day. That means if you find out that the maximum number of fans become online on some particular day of week then you can plan to publish blog post on that day at the analysed timings to get more visitors.

2) Post types:

Post types will help understanding which are the types of posts are getting more likes and engagements from your fans.

page likes

like  and link type posts and photo type posts

3)Top posts from the pages you watch

You can add yout competitors pages to your watch lists and keep a watch on there activities to analyse the patterns like

A. Frequency of posts

B. Kind of posts

C: Type of people following them


This is the best feature you can find from Facebook insight.

This feature allow you to understand your FANS and classification of your fans

  • Shows how many women and men fans you have in percentage.
  • Which age group they belong to?
  • And which country they belong to ?
  • fans

Depending upon the above three factors you can have a complete understanding about who your fans are? whom do you need to target more. and Are you getting the proper response from your target country,State,or city level as well.

So think twice before you take paid services from Facebook. I would suggest try to utilize the FREE SERVICES first.









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