How to chose a affiliate program for your site.?

Choosing a best affiliate program for you site is one of the most difficult things to do. Be very careful while choosing the affiliate programs.

IT depends upon following things.

First of all you need to understand what type of BLOG do you have?

What type of content you are providing to your visitors?

If you are in a technical blog then you must go for the affiliate programs that suits your blog and your visitors are interested in that.

Following are the some examples.

BLOG TYPE                                                                        AFFILIATE PROGRAMS(Examples)

Mobiles                                                                                         Flipkart.comcommission rates

Web Developement                                                     ,, .commission rates

Travelblog                                                                         , rates

Books                                                                                    , rates

Relationship                                                                      , shaadi.comcommission rates





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