The Blog Time Wordpress Issue in adding store images in CLIPPER theme

Issue in adding store images in CLIPPER theme

Clipper WordPress theme is one of the best themes i have come across  when it comes up to the COUPONS LISTING website. Clipper theme provides a very customized and descent way to create a coupon website.

You Setup your own mega-savings coupon site and start monetizing your traffic! This feature-rich theme was designed for ease-of-use and tight integration with WordPress so you’ll be online and providing coupons within minutes.

Many of us including me might have faced an issue in adding and storing the STORE image in this theme. I have also faced this issue and came up with a solution for the same, let me share that solution with you.

What the issue is?

We are able to selest the image for our store while creating the new store from COUPONS>>STORES menu

store image issue clipper theme
Clipper - A Coupon Management Application Theme for WordPress created by AppThemes

But when we click on Add New Store we do not see anything out there.

This is because we are NOT selecting the  link URL below the image selection because of which WordPress does not get the correct path of the image from where to get the image from thats why the store image comes as BLANK.

So just make sure that you are selecting the FILE URL box below the image to resolve an issue.

store image issue clipper theme1

Try and let me know if the issue still persists.


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3 thoughts on “Issue in adding store images in CLIPPER theme”

  1. pratik says:

    Thanks from my heart ……You are helped me for my indian online shopping coupons site,

  2. Neeraja Kole says:

    The problem still persists even after selecting the ‘file URL’ button. Image is not not seen in my website. any help is highly appreciated.

    1. TheBlogTime TheBlogTime says:

      Can you please paste the screenshot below. so that I can have a look at it..


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