Shantabai Yadav 65-year-old only woman barber in the world

We could not have had a better topic than this to start our new section to speak about entrepreneurship. When it comes up to entrepreneurship, we think of money, we think of invention, we think of unique idea but this lady had completely proved it wrong. She did not make that much money, she did not do any invention, she did not even had any unique idea but still she managed to make it work and make her family survive .

She had taken a kind of decision before 30 years which i bet no lady can even think of now a days. The story starts in 1984.


Shantabai lost her husband Shripati Yadav to a heart attack, when she was in her early 30s. The couple had four daughters, the youngest barely a year old, when her husband passed away in 1984. Her husband used to work on a three-acre family farmland. But after his death, his brothers took over the farm. This meant that either Shantabai would have to depend on her husband’s family or go back to her maternal home in Karnataka. She wanted neither.

Look at what Shantabai has to say about her decision:

“Since I did not want to be dependent on anyone, I started working as a farm labourer and would get 50 paise a day after toiling for eight hours. That was hardly enough to feed our family of five. I wondered what else I could do to supplement my income. I had lots of free time in the evenings,” said Shantabai, while giving one of her customers a shave at her house in Hasursasgiri village.

It is then that she thought of taking up her family occupation of a barber. Though she hailed from Nabhik community, neither her father, brothers nor husband had ever ventured into the business. They were all into farming.

Shantabai began by discreetly offering her services as a barber to the families she knew. Once she returned in the evenings from her work on the farm, she would set up her barber shop in her house. She charged half of what others in the region did. But the going wasn’t easy. “She was young and a widow. It was easy for people to malign her name and say that she was up to something shady. She wasn’t the type to pay much heed to such chatter. All she wanted was to lead a dignified life, and bring up my daughters in a happy environment.

The situation took a turn for the better when a respectable man from the village, called her to the village square during the day and asked her to give him a shave, she stopped working as a farm labourer and focused totally on being a barber. By now her popularity had grown. Men wanted her to give them a shave every day.

Over the years she has expanded her scope of work. She no longer restricts her work to men. These days she goes over to farms and shaves buffaloes as well. After 30 years, noe Shantabai is having grandchildren but still she is working hard, her thinking is quite simple unless and until her body stops supporting her she will continue to work.

We all are struggling for the issues of our life, we all want to do something different to earn money, we all think that the entrepreneurship is something to be done with a computer in front, we all think today’s woman is very modern, she can do anything, but look at this real HEROINE who have tool and successfully managed to get through the decision which  modern day’s woman can’t even think of. HATS OFF…..


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