WordPress 4.3 “Billie”


The most used  content management system now a days. More than 70% of the world’s BLOGS run on the wordpress platform and the number is not at all less for the websites as well.

WordPress always try to improve itself as the time passes by to be in the competition of the digital innovations and the 4.3 version is the result of the same. The wordpress organisation has come up with the latest wordpress version that is 4.3 “Billie”.

You all may be thinking like “”BILLIE  what this could be??” Why they have named it as that. Is this some uinique feature or the new  version. Let me tell you there is nothing like that.

They have honored JAZZ SINGER BILLIE HOLIDAY in this version.

Now coming to the main point what new things are there in wordpress 4.3 Billie. Why should you update to this version and how it would benefit to your BLOG or website. Let is see one by one.

WordPress 4.3 Billie has 3 to 4 new and promising features in it like

1) Customizer button at the home tabs

Billie makes it easy to customize your website. It saves few of your clicks by bypassing the old way of customizing through APPEARANCE–>CUSTOMIZATION. Billie provides you the custoze button at the top so that you can go to the customzer with single click.

Wordpress 3.4 Billie

2)Menus in Customizer

Allows you to create your menu, update it, and assign it, all while live-previewing in the customizer. The streamlined customizer design provides a mobile-friendly and accessible interface. With every release, it becomes easier and faster to make your site just the way you want it.

Wordpress 3.4 Billie

3)Formatting Shortcuts

This is the most important feature and there is a lot to like about in this feature. This feature of wordpress allows you to format the content of your website or the blog without navigating to formaters with mouse button. Instead you can format your content in very simple way with the short codes you can say.


Suppose i need to “WordPress 4.3 Bellie” in Heading 2 then i need not to go for the formatting buttons

Just type ##Wordpress 4.3 Bellie when you hit ENTER it will automaticalli convert to the Heading 2

WordPress 4.3 Bellie

same if you want it in heading 4

just type “#” as many times as you want it to be the heading from HEADING 1 to HEADING 6

4) Website icon OR Favicon

Site icons represent your site in browser tabs, bookmark menus, and on the home screen of mobile devices. Add your unique site icon in the customizer; it will even stay in place when you switch themes. Make your whole site reflect your brand.

Wordpress 3.4 Billie


Stronger password

Keep your site more secure with WordPress’ improved approach to passwords. Instead of receiving passwords via email, you’ll get a password reset link. When you add new users to your site or edit a user profile, WordPress will automatically generate a secure password.

Other improvements

  • A smoother admin experience – Refinements to the list view across the admin make your WordPress more accessible and easier to work with on any device.
  • Comments turned off on pages – All new pages that you create will have comments turned off. Keep discussions to your blog, right where they’re supposed to happen.
  • Customize your site quickly – Wherever you are on the front-end, you can click the customize link in the toolbar to swiftly make changes to your site.


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