WordPress JET-PACK( updated) …tremenodous plugin from WORDPRESS

You all wordpress users must have tired of using lots of wordpress plugins in your blogs. Its little difficult to find the right plugins and manage them all together. But now, your difficulties may little come down because of the JET-PACK (Its a more than plugin but we may call it as plugin for this post)plugin from wordpress.logo

The JET-PACK is a very popular plugin from wordpress, but it was not utilized by users as it was more compatible with blogs on the WordPress.com.  But wordpress has come with the idea to provide the functionalities, that are on the WordPress.com  to the other blogs to. Yeah.. but one thing you should e taking care of is that, you have to register your blog with WordPress.com .

An updated JET-PACK from wordpress comes with loads of the inbuilt functionalities, of which you may take advantage of.


1) WordPress Stats  :

This plugin shows you the real time and previous site counter stats of your site. No need to make any configurations and aal just you can go on and activate this in the JET-PACK.


 2) Publicise :

This functionality allows you to simply connect your site/blog with the very popular social networks. Helps to publish your post on the respected social network and to your friends.

It need configuration.

How to configure Publicize functionality of JET-PACK ?


This is we can say as the best functionality of JET-PACK, It lets users to comment on your post logging in with their EMAIL or FACEBOOK account. It has one more hidden benefit too that it provides additional fascility to user t express their view more friendly.

4) Carousel :

Carousel is a beautiful themes that converts your normal image galleries into the interactive carousel.

5) Post by Email :

Many times when we like the post on the blog, we always try to send them to our friends. So here is the new functionality comes from JET-PACK which provides the special facility to share the post by email.

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6) LIKE :

Likes are a way for people to show their appreciation for content you have written. It’s also a way for you to show the world how popular your content has become.

7) Speling and Grammar

Spelling is one of the most important things we face while writing a blog post. Many times we fail to reach out the maximum audience and retail the existing ones by making mistakes in our grammar. IT is so irritating to read the posts with so much of grammatical mistakes. Here is the tool, which will take you away fro this.

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Leaving this there are manu other functionalities that the JET-PACK provide.

check out them

Gravatar Hovercards : Show a pop-up business card of your users’ gravatar profiles in comments.

Contact Form : Easily insert a contact form anywhere on your site.

Google+ Profile : Show a link to your Google+ in the sharing area of your posts and add your blog URL to                                      your Google+ profile.

Widget Visibility : Control what pages your widgets appear on.

Beautiful Math : Mark up your posts with the LaTeX logomarkup language, perfect for complex mathematical                                               equations and other über-geekery.

Extra Sidebar WidgetsEasily add images, Twitter updates, and your site’s RSS links to your theme’s sidebar.

Enhanced Distribution : Share your public posts and comments to search engines and other services in real-time.

Mobile Push Notifications : Receive notifications on your mobile device.


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